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The Skin Care Dry Collection

The Skin Care Collection for Dry Skin by Modere is full of our favorite skin care products, because they really get the job done. Specially formulated for dry skin, it's like an oasis in the skin Sahara. The collection is simple and effective, and basically speaks for itself.

Collection Includes:

  • Exfoliant, 50ml - Ready to turn your skin care regimen up a notch? This invigorating exfoliant massages and polishes skin surface, sweeping away dead skin and impurities with jojoba beads, olive oil and amino acids to leave your skin smooth and luminous. A gentle and effective way to remove dead skin and impurities - because smooth and luminous skin is beautiful skin.

  • Day Cream for Dry Skin, 50ml - Dry skin is crying out for the deep hydration of Day Cream Dry Skin. We combine anti-aging peptides and soothing, moisture-replenishing natural extracts, to turn your parched skin into an oasis of smooth, luminous beauty.

  • Night Cream for Dry Skin, 50ml - Formulated with cooling cucumber scent, our Night Cream Dry Skin deeply moisturizes your skin while you sleep. Wake up each day with a rested appearance and enjoy hydrated, healthy looking skin during even the driest of weather.

  • Toner for Dry Skin, 115ml - Toner: Dry Skin by Modere is a gentle, rich toner with peptides and botanical extracts that are specially formulated for dry skin. It will help you feel moisturized, without feeling oily.

  • Cleanser for Dry Skin, 125ml - Our naturally derived Cleanser for Dry Skin is designed to effectively cleanse while preserving moisture to avoid over-drying your skin.

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The Skin Care Dry Collection

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