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Men's Essentials Collection

The Men's Essential Collection has everything a modern man needs for household care and personal care.

Collection Includes:

  • Laundry Packs: Lavender with Vanilla, 32 ct. - Our Laundry Packs leave clothes with a lovely, light lavender and vanilla scent. Each Pack is already measured out, making laundry day faster and more convenient.

  • Dishwasher Packs: Red Pear with Magnolia, 32 ct. - Red Pear with Magnolia Dishwasher Packs by Modere take two scents and pair it with safe, effective, pre-measured dishwasher detergent.

  • Mouth Rinse, 500 ml - Ditch the alcohol and switch to peppermint. Our alcohol-free Mouth Rinse freshens breath without that burning sensation, eliminating bad breath with natural peppermint oil.

  • Toothpaste, 175g - Freshen up without the fluoride. Our Toothpaste is made with natural peppermint oil to support minty-fresh breath and healthy oral care.

  • Men's Hair Styling Cream, 100 ml - Style. Some have it. Some don't. With Modere™ Men's Hair Styling Cream, be the one with style. An array of good stuff like crambe seed oil to keeps your hair well-conditioned, while glycerin adds hair shine and keeps moisture in longer. Style points +1 for you.

  • Men's Shave Cream, 125 ml - Our Men's Shaving Cream is formulated with ultra-moisturizing ingredients like ginger, shea and macadamia oils. Lather up to keep skin soft, even during the closest of shaves.

  • Men's Shampoo, 350 ml - You're a man, you most likely have hair, and hair, like that pride and joy sitting in the shed needs regular cleaning to maintain that glistening shine, and ready-for-any-occasion appeal. This mild cleanser contains good stuff like lemon and sugar cane extract to preserve your natural oils and keep your mane smelling manly at the same time. The shower's a calling!

  • Men's Body Wash, 425 ml - The average man lives for around 80 years and that number seems to be increasing. That's nearly 30,000 showers if men shower once a day - a big if for some, still that's a lot of showers, so make them count with Modere Body Wash! Jojoba oils and coconut-derived surfactants combine their unique powers to basically high five all over your body. Lather up and Live Clean.

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Men's Essentials Collection

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