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Neways Eliminator® Mouthwash

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Eliminator Mouthwash
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(50 ml)
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Eliminator Mouthwash Stock No. 5716
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Breaks down microscopic food particles that cause bad breath
Alcohol free

Personal Care - Fortify

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

Product Description

More than 80% of the adult population has some form of gum and connective tissue problem. Eliminator Mouthwash features stabilized chlorine dioxide, while remaining gentle on the delicate tissues of the mouth, yet leaves your breath fresh and odor free.

For that great "fresh mouth" feeling, swish with the Eliminator mouthwash for at least 30 seconds.

Eliminator mouthwash is also wonderful for dogs and pets to freshen their breath. It will do no good to put the Eliminator in the drinking water, as that goes to their stomach and will not do the breath any good. If put in the drinking water the stabilized chlorine dioxide could interfere with the stomach acids and the beneficial microflora in the intestines. This could affect the ability the pet has to protect itself against water and food from impure sources (i.e. a cat that kills a bird or a mouse and eats it, a dog that drinks water from the street-side gutters).

The best way to freshen a pet's breath would be to saturate a cotton square with Eliminator and swab out their mouth. Wipe off their teeth and tongue if possible.

It also would not be a good idea for a human to swallow Eliminator either, as the stabilized chlorine dioxide could also interfere with the stomach acids and the beneficial microflora in the intestines. But Eliminator is a wonderful product for supporting good oral hygiene and already healthy gums.


Use anytime to freshen breath. Use after meals and after brusing with Radiance® Toothpaste or UltraShine Radiance®. For best results, do not eat or drink for 10 minutes after rinsing.

Ingredient List

Purified Water
Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

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